Project walkthroughs and instructions for things I’ve made. You can also find me on Instructables and GitHub.

There is some older material elsewhere, including photo walkthroughs on Flickr and video walkthroughs on Vimeo.

Snowflakes as a Service

Procedural snowflakes generated in p5.

Pen Plotter

From bits to atoms, screen to paper

Soft Fabrication

Working with soft materials in the fablab.

Fab Slider

Learning about motion control

Fab-able Arduino

As part of my digital fabrication teaching, I wanted to have a simple, cheap, and easy-to-fabricate Arduino board that students could make themselves, and use in their projects.

Campervan Conversion

Perhaps the biggest maker project I’ve ever undertaken: converting an empty delivery van into a campervan to travel around Europe.

Lightweight Tyvek Wallet


This is the wallet I carry with me every day. I want something as small and light as possible. I don’t carry much, just a few notes and cards, no change, keys or anything bulky. I also use it when hiking, so I want something pretty weatherproof.

Autoprogettazione Chair

Making a design classic, one of Enzo Mari’s famous pieces of Autoprogettazione furniture.

RGB Projection Light


This LED lamp is a simple lighting project that reuses a three colour LED light and mounts it in a tube to create a colourful projection light that looks great when pointed against a wall.

Kessel Run Board Game

Kessel Run

Here’s a project still in prototyping stages, but it’s a simple one, and you can probably do a better job.

LM386 Amplifier

The LM386 chip is a simple and cheap amplifier chip that is used in countless audio amplifier projects. I used one to make my own 0.5W amplifier.


A tarp – being essentially a rectangle of fabric with tie out points – is probably one of the simplest outdoor MYOG (Make Your Own Gear) projects you can attempt. But not all tarps are created equal, so here’s my version.

Pen case

I recently made this pen(cil) case, for reasons outlined elsewhere, and decided to document the process. I think this would make a great first project for someone who is new to sewing and wants to make something useful and ‘technical’.

Open laptop stand

I’m running an experiment. Inspired by the open hardware movement, I decided to design a product, document the design process and parameters of the product, and share it, to encourage adaption and improvement by others.

Pinhole Solar photography

Pinhole camera 2 photo paper - inverted and adjusted

An experiment in extremely long exposure photography.

Lightweight backpack


A lightweight backback for overnighters on the hills in the UK.

Circuit-bent sounds


Sound files from circuit-bent instruments, sliced and diced for your sampler.

Singer sewing machine


My mother, a textiles artist and teacher, recently gave me this old Singer manual sewing machine.

DIY Photo Lightbox

Complete box, on

My first attempt at making my own lighting gear for project photography. Totally superseded by better technology now!