Digital Fabrication Methods


I’m teaching a course in digital fabrication – and learning by making – at the University of Brighton.


Digital Fabrication Methods is an optional module for undergraduates in the schools of Media, Art and Design and Architecture. On one level, it’s a course that aims to give students a grounding in a diverse range of processes in digital fabrication: from 3D printing to moulding and casting; electronics to programming.

On another level, it’s an attempt to equip students with the skills needed to approach highly complex subjects that would conventionally be taught through a theoretical approach, but in this case are tackled ‘hands-first’. We teach learning by doing, and the construction of knowledge by students making their own technology.

The course is heavily based on the content that I studied as a Fab Academy student in 2018.

The course material is all publicly available in our GitHub repository and published through GitHub Pages.